Drone Surfing in Safi

Safi is one of my favorite cities in Morocco because not only it has a unique history but it also host one of the best waves in the world: Rass Lafâa (the head of the snake).

When I saw the weather conditions, I got in touch with my friend Ghali who is also in the Quiksilver Morocco team to see if he was motivated to surf using a jet ski so that we can catch waves at a section where it’s difficult to paddle. He was all in and that’s when I asked Omar from SeaDoo Morocco if he could lend us their Spark model which is very economical and super light especially when we are only two to lift it.

Ghali in the barrel
Waiting for the waves

I found myself at the bottom of Ghali’s house at 6am to surf Rass Lafâa. After a 2.5 hour drive, we arrived at the port of Safi where we started the procedures to put the Jet Ski in the water. At 9:30, we were in the peak without anyone in the water. we surfed perfect waves for more than 3 hours. We broke 2 boards but at the end, it was a magic session.

Credit photo : Manu Miguelez
Credit photo: Morocco Surf Photography

My friend Yassine Boundouq, the moroccan skate longboarder was filming from the shore. He had just returned from the U.S and he proposed to use a drone which resulted in this excellent footage.

I filmed shots with my Gopro and Alex Lesbats filmed from the cliff.

This is the result of our unforgettable surfing session in Safi.

Saad Abid

Drone view
The Jeep Wrangler and the Seadoo Spark
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